Brand Concept

女性らしさがありながらナチュラルでミニマル(minimum) 、
そして程よいリラックス感で、毎日着ても飽きのこないDaily styleを提案します。

No matter how old you get, it values polishing your shine as a woman
and making your daily life “unselfconsciously” stylish.
We propose feminine, natural, minimal (minimum)
and moderately relaxing “Daily style” clothing, of which you do not get tired even if you wear it everyday.


【 MICA&DEAL 】(マイカアンドディール)
“DEAL”との組み合わせ…日常の装いに上質な輝きを… という気持ちを込めて名付けました。

The combination of “MICA” -mineral ore with nacreous luster
and “DEAL”-to add or to give with the meaning of glittering.
We named it with our wishes of “everyday guise with quality brightness"